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Welcome to our website KAIMALA jewels, we are thrilled you have found us! Our names are Ivie & Jan and we are two yogis filled with a sense of gratitude for our natural gemstone jewelry that we design ourselves on the amazing Gold Coast in Australia.

We see that the world is beautiful and life is a gift. For a long time we have felt the need to spread the awareness of the higher purpose of life and in 2015 we came up with an idea of creating jewelry that would inspire, connect and astound.

Coolangatta Beach Yoga Mala Beads


She has a great passion for creating and designing. Ivie’s discovery of natural gemstones and their amazing range of colours led her to the pursuit of her child’s dream and the realization of her talent for colours and patterns. In her heart she has always felt she wanted to have her own collection one day and she feels very fortunate to be able to live by the ocean and design in the beautiful Coolangatta on the Gold Coast in Australia.


I have always been mesmerized by the ocean just like my wife Ivie. I feel very thankful for that I've had the opportunity to put the happiness of living by the ocean into co-creating KAIMALA jewels and help make it a unique jewelry that supports spiritual growth.


It wasn’t until our yoga teacher training in Darjeeling, India, in 2015 that we started seeing mala beads in a different way. After the course, we slowly began to understand the subtler meaning of mala beads and what they can bring to our lives.

Now we know that mala beads are meant to be used as a tool to help us experience pure consciousness and keep us more connected to our inner Self.

In our daily busy lives we mainly focus on the outer world and often forget about our inner self. Having our own mala beads helps us remember that we are spiritual beings too.

Wear your mala, hang it in your car, take it with you to your yoga class, or keep it on the bedside table – anywhere and anytime you want to be reminded about and feel closer to that peaceful place within you.


Thank you so much for visiting our website!



Ivie & Jan