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Ancient civilizations knew about the healing properties of gemstones and crystals and looked upon them as direct, divine manifestations. Crystals have been used for millennia to help in balancing the mental, physical and spiritual body.

Nowadays, our attention continues to be drawn by their incredible formation, inexplicable shapes and staggering colours. Many who encounter crystals or gemstones want to have a deeper understanding of their value and meaning. Each KAIMALA necklace or bracelet comes with a story that is based on the properties and meanings of the natural gemstones. At KAIMALA jewels, we strive to make pieces that inspire being connected within, embody our divinity and help guide us to self-realization.

List of Natural Gemstones used in KAIMALA soul jewelry

Agate (Blue Lace, Botswana, Grey, White) -  Amazonite – Amethyst – Apatite - Aqua Terra Jasper – Aquamarine – Aventurine (Green, Peach) - Cherry Quartz – Citrine – Garnet (Rhodolithe) -  Goldstone - Hematite – Hemimorphite – Howlite – Labradorite - Lapis lazuli – Lava – Moonstone - Pink Opal – Rhodochrosite – Rhyolite - Rock Crystal – Rose Quartz – Ruby - Rutilated Quartz - Smoky Quartz - Tiger's Eye – Tourmaline – Turquoise - White Jade - White Shell - Yellow Calcite